Episode 3 story (well part of)

By TS | Thomas
Nov 16, 2002
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  1. Dunno about authenticity of course, but here goes (Again, only 1st half or so);

    The film begins with a climactic space battle around Neimoidia, where Dooku and the Separatists have made a last stand. Anakin (still Obi's Padawan) leads a TIE squadron in the battle while Obi-Wan and Mace fly in their Jedi Starfighters. Nute Gunray and company die when Anakin's squadron destroys their battleship. On the ground there is a brief clone vs. droid battle, centered around Dooku's command central. As Anakin and Obi close on Dooku, Dooku gets a hologram message from Darth Sidious, telling him to surrender to the Republic troops. Cut to a brief scene of Bail Organa getting an audio-only message from Palpatine, telling him to take Dooku and the leaders of the Techno Union, Commerce Guild, etc. alive so they can be given public trials. Bail relates this to Obi. The clonetroopers, lead by Obi-Wan, Anakin and Mace, storm the compound and take Dooku, etc. prisoner. The Clone Wars are effectively ended, or are they? Anakin is made a Jedi Knight because of his bravery at the Battle of Neimoidia. Obi returns to Coruscant for the first time in nearly three years. Anakin has been back more recently, nine months ago, when he was wounded and received an artificial right leg from the knee down. Padme has been in hiding for several months, supposedly because of assassination fears, but in actuality because she is pregnant. When this is revealed, the crap hits the fan--the marriage of Anakin and Padme comes out, and Anakin is suspended as a Jedi. The one who turns Anakin in is Obi-Wan. Anakin who feels betrayed confronts Obi-Wan. Anakin's rage gets the best of him and he punches Obi-Wan in the face. A fist fight ensues, Anakin loses the fight and he storms off. Meanwhile, Palpatine is busy turning the Republic against the Jedi. He speaks to the effect that the Clone War, which brought so much ruin on the Republic, was actually a Jedi plot to gain power--and he has uncovered their scheme and stopped it. He produces sworn statements to this effect from imprisoned Dooku, who claims he never really left the Jedi order and fought against the Republic on orders from the Jedi Council, and from the Prime Minister of Kamino, who confirms that a Jedi named Sifo-Dyas ordered the clones. Palpatine is able to pin all his own machinations on the Jedi, and then dissolves the Jedi and orders their arrest. The Jedi, on counsel from Yoda, go quietly; the old master sees no reason to fight when the odds are so against them.
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    WOAH...hurry up and produce the end of it!!!!!!!!!!!

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