Epox 8kha+ Monitoring

By Vijay
Mar 10, 2002
  1. I can't find a program that find the temperture of my cpu and motherboard. I've tried Motherboard monitor but that doesn't show it.
  2. Whack0

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  3. henrychieng

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    U need to addign the sensor to ur winbond chip then only it will works, tried finger aroung the MBM5! It should work flawlessly! Unless ur winbond chip is spoiled which is highly and unlikely! cheers!
  4. lokem

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    If I remember correctly, there's actually a manual/HOWTO to get you started with MBM included in the installation file. Try to get some info from there to get you started.

    It's quite odd at first, but once you get it running, it's an excellent tool.
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