Epox 8RDA3+ nad Leadtek GF Ti4200 problem

By Ivan Svabo
Jul 24, 2003
  1. Hi
    Ok, I a bit furious on my new comp cause problems never end...

    Problems goes like this: I have Leadtek GF Ti4200 128mb ram & TVout and MB Epox 8RDA3+. Comp works fine until I turn antialiasing on. When i do so and start some 3d game, sound becomes fuzzy and deep like its coming from barrel. Game works fine but sound is dizaster! And afte a while (about 10min) comp crashes!!!!
    Now, when I turn antialiasing off and start game again it works perfectly with no problmes for hours.
    I wrote to Leadtek and they say that I should update drivers, check IRQ and BIOS settings. Now, all of that is apsolutely perceft and up to date!
    I remnd that sound doesnt like antialiasing so problem must be in MB-graphic card communication... latest MB BIOS-es doesnt seem to have that problem listed so I'm not going to flash my BIOS until I'm shure whats real problem is...
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