Epox's mobo unlocks Athlons 'on-the-fly'

By Julio Franco
Nov 14, 2002
  1. Hopefully AMD won't do anything to stop production of these boards, or most likely the distribution of the new BIOS that makes it all happen. The article doesn't detail if the motherboard capability is a mix from hardware/software implementation or something just done in the BIOS...

    Epox has made it possible to have processors that are multiplier unlocked on AMD retail Athlons. This means you will be able to overclock your CPU just by plugging in it into the board, and then overclocking at will, because of the voltage and other settings Epox includes.

    The BIOS works for all Thoroughbred processors -- including revision B -- that support FSB 333. All processors from 2200+ up to the still unavailable 2800+ are supported.
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