Build a PC Epson cx6600 worked fine, then stopped - want to uninstall

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My new cx6600 Epson Multi-function printer has been working off my Win2K pro OS for a couple of months with no problems, then today the printer decided it wasn't going to print. Am able to run the test print on it and it copies o.k., but any prints sent to it are held in the spool queue. I tried cancelling all the prints, rebooting both the computer and printer, and reseating all connections. From these symptoms I have deduced that there probably is a software problem... Following EPSON advice , I decided to uninstall and re-install the software. Following the usual add/remove process the os refuses to remove the software due to a missing or corrupted (???) info file. According to the
experience of other individuals, I have to manually remove all references to
the printer manually, from both the registry and the files on the HDD and
then re-install.

Wonder if someone has an answer to the following two questions -
Question 1
What specific things do I need to change in the registry? I have worked with it before, but this looks like a big job. Would rather go in with a laser tool
rather than with a sledge hammer, so I don't screw it up.
Question 2
Is there something in WIN2K that also needs to be addressed when something like this happens ?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks - Dave - Mostly Perplexed
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You overlooked something.... resolution

The problem is solved.... Two problems..... I had forgotten to sign on as an administrator, so it would give me an error every time. I signed on as administrator in my system win2k and I then began to remove all the epson applications. The printer software, however, is listed together in the add/remove program section and I had several epson entries. I was inadvertently trying to remove an epson c860 which has been dead for awhile. It gave me a window to reply , but it was hidden under other windows. When I discovered it, I realized that when I asked to remove the epson printer it was pointing to c860 instead of the cx6600. When I didn't reply to the small window to confirm c860 removal, it seemed to go off into lala land, so I would just cancel the whole thing. AFter I pointed to the right printer (cx6600 series), it removed it, but gave no indication that it did. I checked the register and all references to it were removed, so I proceeded to install the printer again. This time it worked, and everything is o.k.
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