Epson L3110 printer suddenly stopped working

Good day to everyone, my Epson L3110 like said in the title, suddenly stopped working. Recently, I've cleaned it as ants have made it a nest of theirs but soon a requirement for my school came up that was supposed to be printed. I tried to turn on my printer but it wouldn't work, tried plugging and unplugging the AC cables, holding and pressing the power button while placing the cable in the socket. Other appliances work in the wall socket so I can't really see the problem there. Moreover, there doesn't seem to be any damages in any of the two cables of the printer itself, the one connected to the wall, and the one that connects it to the PC. Can you guys help me out?


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You are doing everything right and your mention of the ants could be a clue. I watch a guy on YouTube (Louis Rossmann) do Apple laptop board repair all the time and I see that corrosion occurs when insects die on the motherboard and release moisture. That's one idea...and you won't know for sure until you do a circuit board inspection under magnification to verify (Taking it apart is involved). Another problem is that people clean printers with denatured alcohol which can short them out when you rub alcohol on the print head (who knew!). A third problem that crops up on Inkjets is that the pad that absorbs waste ink, can become soaked and then the printer is done and has to be recycled. I usually only recommend laser printers for that reason.