error# 8bad0101

By otnot69
Feb 14, 2003
  1. can anybody tell me what causes this error, and MUCH more importantly, how to repair it? i won't write the essay it requires to tell this sob story in all it's gory details, but it boils down to i can no longer play audio cd in my burner or get exact audio copy to rip a cd; and i have done all i can think of up to reinstalling xp on top of itself - thanks for you time
  2. Vehementi

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    To be more helpful, we're going to need more information. Like when, exactly, this happens, when it started, if you installed software or hardware as a precursor to this message, etc. You can't just expect to post the most obscure of error messages and for us to fix it.

    You mentioned playing and ripping CDs - what program(s) are you using? Are the problems limited to one app? Have you tried using a different app?

    I assume you've checked all your connections, tried different IDE cables, etc.? Have you tried updating your firmware?

    You don't need to write an essay - just that more information is a must for things like this.
  3. otnot69

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    i know. believe it or not, i had all that information typed in once; but due to a hiccup in this wonderful 26k connection (cable connection temp. out), the page dropped all of it just before i was going to send it. using xp-sp1, and nero to burn somebody's mp3s to cd-had made 5 cds no problem-cd no. 6 (3 last songs) wouldn't refused to burn as audio cd-after various tests and guesses came to the conclusion that although windows explorer can 'see' the *.cda tracks, i can no longer 'do' anything with audio cds: burn, play, rip, etc.- it's window media player that reports 'error#8bad0101'----more info to come - the saga continues and the mystery deepens
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