Error Code 1327 Invalid Drive C:\, Loading Norton Sys Works

By domer7
Apr 9, 2006
  1. ASUS A8V MB
    Athalon AMD 64 Socket 939 3400+
    WD 160 GB Caviar Drive for OS
    WD 250 GB SATA Storage Drive
    Windows XP Home

    I formatted a new drive for Windows XP Home OS. I already had another hard drive installed and connected as a SATA Storage/Backup drive. In addition, I had a floppy drive, a CD/DVD drive and a DVD burner drive also connected. When the OS was installed it assigned G: to teh OS drive and when it came time to install Norton AV, I get the error code 1327 Invalid Drive C:\

    In hindsight, I have learned that all the other drives need to be disconnected before loading the OS. I have tried to change the drive letter by using Disk Management and by disconnecting all other drives & peripherals and rebooting but the G: remains the chosen drive letter.

    Before I reformat the drive and start the build process all over, is there any other way to redesignate the drive letter to C: ?
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