Error Code: 650F:0244

By wesman1
Apr 16, 2008
  1. Hi Everyone.

    The only reason why I have posted this thread is because I have a temp/fix for a post I saw on here by:

    "tctorres" and answered by: "goalie".

    tctorres had a problem with his Dell computer with this error code and blue screen and was royally screwed.

    Goalie gave him some fix-it ideas (which i will use myself) but tctorres couldn;t get past the blue screen of death.

    I am not a computer techie, nor am I any sort of programming wiz-guru.

    I am just a dude who found a silly way to get past the blue screen of death and wish to pass on my solution.

    I had that same error code--out of nowhere, the day before my computer was great, the next day blue screen of death.

    I used common sense and pressed F2 and F8 and F12 at start-up and no matter what I tried, I couldn;t get past the blues screen of death and run in safe mode or anything else--I was getting pissed!

    So I then went into my Dell file and found my Vista CD Boot disk and I inserted it into my driver, pressed F2 on start-up--chose run from boot disk and what happened was the vista cd tried to load--didn;t have enough memory to load but then gave me options of a system restor, system clean and other options, which was awesome.

    I managed to by-pass the blue screen of death, did a system fix and got my way back to safe mode and was able to clean my computer and all without downloading Vista.

    I still cannot defrag as it wants me to do a check disk f--whatever that is, I don;t know--but I saw goalie's post and will follow that--(see, told you I'm not a computer dude) but the main thing is, I tricked my system by using my Vista cd and the blue screen of death with the error of 650F:0244 msg block: 139257533 uncorrectable data error

    Dell can analyze blah blah blah--blue screen of death is gone and I have a computer again!

    So if anyone knows goalie or tctorres or if they have this same problem--use this procedure, seek out goalie for the rest and kick the crap out of the blue screen of death.

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