error code oxooooooo5 only when starting nfsu2(use to work fine)

By steyr223
Aug 9, 2005
  1. how is everyone
    o.k. for the last 2 weeks iv'e been trying to reinstall need for speed underground 2
    the install goes off with out a hitch
    I install from same drive i play on(i read the instructions)
    within 3 seconds of clicking the exe the screen goes black(normal)
    but then comes back with the error message(not a blue screen)
    everything else works fine with the exception of the paint problem
    theres nothing i can do to move any windows off the screen they just
    leave a trail,(untilli close the error)but i can open any other app

    this leads me to think there,s a memory problem but only occurs with this game and i play all of em gtasa runs like a champ

    i can read a dump ok and compare with pstat butthe dump of this error is
    huge and i dont get the stop and exceptions so i need help in reading the error dump
    i'll go ahead and pipe the pstat text to a file and postit here with my dump

    thanks guys any help would be great


    ok sorry but i cant figure out how to save all the info of the error
    when i pulled the file it only says versions and timestamps and leaves ourt most all technical info (i sent it anyways and my pstat to)
    one more thing amd3200 | nf3250gb | nvidia gfx 256gb ve | (i'm tired)
    2 x 512 (both @200 in bios) | 300gb maxtor | 160gb 10,000 rpm sata | sony and plextor dvd r/w | winxp pro | saitek gamers kb and x52 flight system |
    logitech mx1000 mouse and momo wheel/pedals | midland 7.1 surround
    19' sony flat screen | naturalpoints |trackIR edimentionals 3d glasses | voice buddy recognition hardware and software | adelphia internet

    thanks :bounce:
  2. Kev32

    Kev32 TS Rookie Posts: 75


    If all your other games are running fine and your only getting that error message (no random BSOD's, range of errors) then it may probably not be hardware related instead device driver. 0xc0000005 errors are very common and a lot of the time are caused by driver errors particularly gfx drivers. Tell me, have you upgraded your drivers in the last week? My 2nd PC runs an nvidia card and is having lots of trouble running the new nvidia drivers. If you have upgraded drivers, try degrading to a more stable version. But to be on the safe side download and run memtest to see if theres anyhting wrong with your RAM, run as many as possible to be on the safe side as a lot of faulty RAM can bypass the test.

    I've sort of had the same problem as you but with an aTI card and the new 5.7 drivers. Some games worked beautifully (mostly the ATI built ones e.g HL2 and Farcry) whilst others (particularly San andreas) crashed every few minutes with a 0xc0000005 error. I degraded my drivers and poof the errors are gone (hopefully).

    Other than that, you can try do some simple, usefull maintanence by running checkdisc, defragmenting, running burnintest, downloading the latest chipset drivers from your m/b site. Oh and download the latest patch of nfs2.
  3. steyr223

    steyr223 Topic Starter

    right on kev32 :grinthumb

    It's the same old "back to the basics"
    i swear i tried every trick in the book(except the most simple one of all)
    i downloaded all the burnin stuff *(killer site)* thanks twice
    Before i installed i grabed the video drivers which i had to check the date(they came out maybe 2 hours past)now thats new

    For anyone reading (skimming ) nvidia video drivers

    Half way through the installation I came to to realize I would have to reboot
    so i grabed the nfsu2 patch installed it, then finished my video
    update(proffesional hu)
    Now this is were I"m thinking "o.k. here we go" (I havn't rebooted in almost 2 weeks and have changed many system and registry settings)(and I wonder why I have problems)

    The system hangs in a spot(the welcome text,blue bg)i have never seen before
    uh o
    poof ... boots up perfectly

    hit the nfs shortcut and walla i see rachel

    thanks bro
    IF it's possable i get tired of gtasa after 12-15 hours a day and needed a change

    so see! you saved my sanity :grinthumb :grinthumb :grinthumb :grinthumb
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