Error code: PP000 on a Samsung ER-4900 cash register?

By ashleaf
Apr 19, 2006
  1. Any ideas on what causes this and how to correct it?
  2. arnokthegreat

    arnokthegreat TS Rookie

    im not sure how to fix this yet but I think it may have been caused by unplugging the print head from the rest of the machine. Im now looking for the manual to see if anything is in there. please repost if you have anything on how to fix this :D
  3. arnokthegreat

    arnokthegreat TS Rookie

    error code pp000

    error code pp000, I think stands for printer jam. you have to clear the jam and then unplug the register for a few seconds. my print head was obstructed from sliding over when the register first started up, cauisng this error. once I found the problem I rebooted and it works great :D
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