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By Elazul
Jul 21, 2006
  1. Just recently I decided to upgrade my processor and motherboard from the last one I had. After booting it up, following the POST screen an error pops up stating "Error Loading OS." It's the only message it gives me. I thought it might have been Windows XP acting up due to the new hardware so I thought I would try reinstalling, however, it won't even run my windows disc as it can't load up the OS to do so. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    ECS NForce3-A
    AMD Athlon 64 3000+
  2. nickslick74

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    You are correct in that XP will not load due to the fact that you changed the CPU and Mobo. Windows is tied to your specific components and if major things change (like in your case) Windows will not boot. You should be able to get into your Bios and change the boot device order. Have it check your CD drive first to load your OS. While you can do a recovery if you have an actual XP disk, you will wind up with all of the crud that is in your current install of windows (virus, malware, stuffed registry, etc...) The good part is you can potentially get everything back. But a recovery doesn't always work and then you would need to do a fresh install anyway.

    Also, is your windows cd really an actual copy of XP or is it a recovery disk? If it is a recovery disk then you can't use it on your new setup, it is tied to your old setup.
  3. Elazul

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    Excellent, having the CD-ROM drive boot first worked in getting the windows xp disk working (it's full version of WinXP btw, not just the recovery) Now i have run into yet another problem. After installation of Win XP and rebooting it gives me a hal.dll error. Did I err something when re-installing Win XP?

    When given a choice, I chose keep system files intact. Was that the wrong choice to make? I didn't want to delete all my data already in the hard drive.
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