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"Error Loading OS"

By cmserene
Jan 16, 2008
  1. Hey all! Ok, here's my story. I'm building a gaming computer. I've installed all the hardware/components and the thing boots up, but I get a DOS message that says "Error Loading OS". Basically what I did is purchased a new ASUS barebones with an Intel Core 2 Duo cpu, 500w power supply and 2gb of memory. I then transferred my old hard drive, cd-rom and floppy drive to the new case. My old pc was a PIII 600mhz Gateway circa 2000, so I knew I would be having problems upon bootup...lol Anywho, I have an authentic Windows XP Home version disk which, according to the books that came with it, can be used as an upgrade disk or a new install. The problem is when I insert the XP disk, it tells me I need a full version and to insert another disk. I have an ME disk (without mthe key code unfortunately) which allows me to get past the "full version" message. I then insert my XP disk, it goes through the entire setup process (like it's actually gonna work), then when the pc reboots itself, the next message I keep getting is "Error Loading OS". PLEASE HELP!!!!! What am i doing wrong? Is there a backdoor I can use? Settings to change? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  2. Patrickja2007

    Patrickja2007 TS Rookie Posts: 27

    Try to boot the computer with the Windows XP disk from the cd-rom, after loading drivers hit your computer and enter the setup.Depress F8 and agree to see already installed version of Microsoft.

    After that, highlight the partition MS windows XP and select the option for repair or simply depress the R-key and wait.

    Don't forget to set Windows to default settings in case of some mismatch. Check every other things to see that they are in the proper format and make sure your Basic Input and Output system is in LBA.Save all changes and see to what happen next. Check you cable as this maybe you signal cables and others are not well seated.

  3. cmserene

    cmserene TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alright, I now have a full version of XP. The cd-rom recognized this disk because I get the startup screen. It goes through and "copies" installation files to the installation folder on my HD (it tells me it's doing this). After the pc reboots itself, it goes thru the whole thing again, as if it never did it before, BUT now it says an existing windows installation was found and it asks if i was to delete it and reinstall, which i say yes to. i tried changing my boot order so it will boot from the hd, and not the cd rom but then i get the same damn msg again "error loading os". ive tried switching the jumpers on my hd and cd-rom to cable select. i even deleted the existing partition and reformatted. i dont know what else to try. can someone give me some ideas here??
  4. Patrickja2007

    Patrickja2007 TS Rookie Posts: 27

    But you never did what told you. If you do what I told you above it will go!


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