Error messages in Startup - What have i done wrong?! XP home SP2

By toddy89
Jul 19, 2005
  1. Hi everyone....

    Recently ive had problems that as my desktop loads on startup, it often appears with sometimes up to 10 or 12 error popups. Each says Similar things, such as "application error," and then the program name, such as "tskmgr.exe" for task manager. What have i done wrong? This happens alomost every OTHER time i load my computer, otherwise i have to restart it.

    Along with this, i have noticed my Page file Usuage is nearly "full" on the graph in task manager, even when windows has increaced the maximum. Each program i use seems to use far to much memory, such as task manager often uses 22,000 K compared to around 6,000 K as it is usually..... I dont know if this is any help.

    If you need more info about computer, please ask, or email

    Thanks very much for any help, much appreciated
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