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Jul 26, 2006
  1. Hi everybody,

    I have run into a problem with Internet Explorer. On a specific website that I logon to, after logon when I try to use their drop-down menus I receive a message on the Status Bar at the lower left that says “Error on page”. The page looks fine and all the links, etc on the page seem to work fine, except there is a menu bar that has drop down meun with links that will not work. Anytime I click on the menu items it gives me the Error on page message and nothing happens. I’ve tried to right click and “open in new window” but I get a Page cannot be displayed message.

    If someone would like to give me some ideas please let me know and I will post what else I've tried and my system specs.

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    Well, aside from using a better, standards-compliant browser like or, you can disable the error message by going to the Tools menu and clicking "Internet Options". Click the "Advanced" tab and make sure "Disable Script Debugging" is checked.
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    that's right, there are other browsers to choose.
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    Well thanks for the suggestions regarding other browsers but we're stuck here with Internet Exploder for now. And besides I did figure it out but not until I went through the MSKB article that fastco sent and another article it linked to! grrr M$.... And disabling script debugging may stop the error but it still didn't load the web page the menu link was pointing to so that wasn't going to work either.

    Simple fix:
    If you have your browser set to “Ignore font sizes specified on web pages” you receive the Error on page message and all that goes with it as mentioned before. Uncheck the ignore font size check box and no more error! I set the Ignore font size so I can use the Ctrl + Mousewheel to change font sizes on the fly in the browser.

    To get to the setting go to:
    Inetnet Options
    General tab
    Accessibility button
    In the Formatting section
    Uncheck - Ignore font sizes specified on web pages
    Ok all the way out

    Thanks for your time, guys.

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    IE 6 Error on Page Message

    I am also having this problem. It is non consistent, just happens randomly. But when I get this message, no link on the page works at all. Very frustrating. I checked out the suggestions listed, but my system already was set to what they suggested. ANY IDEAS??? HELP! Very frustrating!
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    ERROR on Page means the HTML, Javascript, or CSS code was poorly written
    and/or is sensitive to a specific browser and does not adjust seamlessly to
    other browsers or environments.

    Complain to the webmaster!
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