Error with Atheros AR5006x Wireless network Adapter

By sublime1sw
Dec 11, 2007
  1. Alright,

    My buddy just got a new Acer Aspire 5570-2067 . It orignally Had Windows Vista.. But He hated it and it really didnt run to smooth so he went to down Xp. I got all the drivers resinstalled but the only thing that wont work know is the wireless network adaptor. Its a Atheros AR5006x Wireless network adaptor. Know i got the right driver installed for it but it says there was and error during installation (code 10)

    I dont know what to do know.. So i came here for help
    Greatly Thankfull as always
  2. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    Uninstall the driver if it's in the Add Remove Programs list, go into System in the control panel, click on Hardware then Device Manager and right click on the Network Adapter and uninstall. Restart the computer, turn off any Anti-Virus/Security Suite software you have running and run the install for the Network Adapter and complete the installation. Here are the drivers if you need them:
  3. joee

    joee TS Rookie

    How about you pay me $29.99 to punch you in the mouth?

    If you going to refer people to a pay site, dont you think you should at least warn them first....ahhh duhhh

    not to mention theres about 10,000 other ways to obtain these drivers which are totally free. Just cause your not bright enough to find them for free is no reason to send people to a pay site. If that is in fact the case you may just want to keep your mouth shut rather then pad your post!!!!!!!!


    only reg for this reply.... as it is very frustrating when your 'upgrading' from vista to xp and your in need of drivers. Then some noob sends you on a paid while goose chase.....

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