Errord Code 01

By stan7745
Dec 12, 2006
  1. I just bought a Biostar CRU51-M7 motherboard which came with an Athlon 64 3000+ CPU.I also bought a 1 Gig memory stick (PC2700) since the board can support it.However,after I had connected everything and started up the PC, nothing appeared on the screen.I inserted a POST diagnostic card and error code 01 appeared (Award BIOS installed).I understand that it means some thing like 'expand Xgroup codes' and it has something to do with memory.So, I tried a 512MB PC2100 memory module and the PC booted up easily.Then, I tried using the 1 Gig PC2700 memory module with some other boards that I had lying around and it worked perfectly with every single one of them.But it just doesn't seem to get anywhere with the Biostar board although the manual states that the board supports DDR 266,333 and 400 memory.Can someone please help? I really don't know what else to do to get this thing working.
  2. vegasgmc

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    Some motherboards are just picky about the brand of RAM they will take.
  3. stan7745

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    Does the Biostar CRU51-M7 motherboard support 250 gig hard drives?I'm asking because mine doesn't appear in device manager,although it shows in BIOS as having a capacity of 250 GB.I'm running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 1.
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