Errors/corrupted downloads/installation issues

By Reem
Feb 6, 2007
  1. Hello,

    My seagate barracuda 250gb SATA disk is giving me problems
    Mobo: Asus P5ND2 SE
    I can't really describe my problem but I get allot of errors with patching a game
    or installing it.

    I also get problems with downloads whom are corrupted and having to download
    them again.

    for example, I've finally got World of warcraft installed and now I need to patch it
    but when I'm downloading the patch it says it can't verify the data, I tried some solutions
    but with no help...

    So I went to and ran the seagate tools, everything was fine except
    for one thing, which is the file system, here's what it said:
    Results for volume C: (NTFS)

    Volume Label:
    Volume Size: 40.30 GB
    Some files on the volume are open. This may effect the accuracy of the file system check and result in false errors.
    The file system contains minor inconsistencies, these are not errors and should not cause problems.

    Results for volume D: (NTFS)

    Volume Label: DATA
    Volume Size: 209.76 GB
    The file system contains errors that need to be repaired.

    If I only knew what this meant and what I should do with it or better yet, how
    to fix it.

    Also, when I run the discwizard and go to "configuring Hard drive" (something like that)
    I can see 2 tabs, one with 'motherboard controller' and the other 'unkown controller'
    But my SATA disk is under the tab unkown controller, allthough it is able to see
    250gb instead of 137gb....

    Could it be my drivers?

    EDIT: I feel kinda stupid :p

    a few days ago I ran memtest and I had only 1 of my memory sticks in it (I dont know if both of em are bad) while it was
    running in the first pass it said I had over 12000 errors and there was lots of red in the list below :(.
    anyway I will run memtest once again for only the first pass and if I get immediate errors I know its bad...
  2. monton

    monton TS Booster Posts: 113

    Errors in memtest

    I think you should memtest each stick of RAM individually. With bad memory you can have catastrophic failure or errors of all kinds as data is written to and read from memory. If there are only a few errors.... what is your data worth to you? I'd replace the memory that has errors with memory that doesn't ;-{

    Eliminating that, turn to your HD and run error checking, defrag, etc or any other disk housekeeping software.
    CHKDSK /F would also be a good utility to try, run from the command prompt.

    Hope this is at least a little helpful.

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