ESM help crashes mmc

By rkensicki
May 8, 2007
  1. I normally don't get involved with MS OS issues; I come from the alternate OS world (if it ends in x it HAS to be good), but I tend the churches website and was approached by a friend who is fed up with his computer support for his insurance brokerage. Small office, Windows Server 2003, 8 other workstations, VPN. While I read up on 2003 I'll be posting some of the problems to try and help him out.

    Anyway; he throws out just enough buzz words to scare me, like, VPN;in a single site office?

    Heres the first problem: " Any time I try to invoke help from Exchange System Manager, I get Event ID 1000 Microsoft Management Console cannot be found. MMC has detected an error in a snap in . Then it craps out, shuts down Exchange Server Manager."

    While I study WS 2003 inside/out, I think its a permissions issue, but he does his own administration?

    Any help is appreciated

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