Ethernet card not being recognized

Dec 6, 2007
  1. I had an older Ethernet card in my PC, that I needed for an older computer (From which it originally came)

    I reformatted the old computer, installed the Ethernet card then installed Windows.

    Well, it lights up, but it isn't recognized, by Windows. When I tried to install the drivers, it also couldn't find it. The Ethernet card is an Intel Pro 100 S

    Any ideas?
  2. phantom16

    phantom16 TS Rookie

    well you probably have to install the drivers for it to work at all, and if you just search for drivers it will most likely look in your hard drive, were chances are they arent there

    therefore what you need to do is get on another computer and download the driver, and save it to a flash drive or something like that and take it to the other computer and install the driver that way
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