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Aug 29, 2006
  1. Hi folks,

    I noticed lately a lot of "Sorry what ever program I had open at the time has to close because it has encountered problems" something like that.

    Also a balloon has been popping up lately saying "Virtual Memory is Low" that windows is going to increase it. I checked and Virtual Memory is set at 1534MB. I have 1gig of ram running XP Pro w/SP2 current. MOBO A8V Deluxe.

    In the event viewer I see a lot of warnings for (source) ftdisk (category) Disk (event) 57.

    Can anyone possibly tell me what any of this means? Thanks for any and all help.

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  3. Rilla927

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    I do own a license for Ewido I bought back in April and it can never finish the scan with out a black screen all of a sudden (even when ran in safe mode). That's why I don't have it installed on my computer. If you go to Wilders, you will see they are still having too many problems with this program. Others have reported the same thing as I had and they basically blew me off when I asked about it. So I refuse to install it.

    I run Nod32 every other day (which I ran last night). I use (web scans) Kasperksy, Panda Pro (I purchased and it removes infections) and nothing has showed up. I'm able to do the web scan for ewido (I use also). I'm not a high risk surfer. I don't do P2P, warez, cracks. As far as I'm concerned they could take this crap off the internet.

    I recently restored a fresh image because I had problems with the spyware module update in ZA Pro that really made my system unstable, thus they still have a problem with ZA Pro and Perfect Disk. All is well as long as I don't update the spyware module until they fix it.

    The security apps I have are:

    ZA Pro
    Online Armor
    Adaware SE Pro- No Adwatch

    Can you tell me what the results interpet in the event viewer?

    Thanks Rilla927
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    Not uncommon

    You can get this sort of thing on any version of windows. It is I believe incompatibility between some software (often a third-party driver) and Windows. Since MS issue several quite fundamental changes to XP etc every month I think we ought to be quite surprised your problem does not occur more often.

    The virtual memory is low points to a memory leak in some application software. This is less likely to be MS caused, more likely third-party software.
  6. Rilla927

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    Hi gbhall,

    Is there a way to track the leak down?

  7. Rilla927

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    Hi fastco,

    What exactly do you mean by ZA taking over your computer? So far that's the only problem I have had with it is the spyware module. When I installed it I never even let the spyware module start. It's off until they fix it.

    Thanks for the link. I hope all you have a great Holiday!

    Take care,

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    What I meant was it really slowed it down....
  9. Rilla927

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    Ya, that program runs strange for some people. It's unfortunate because it's a good FW.

    Thanks for your help on this issue.

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    memory usage

    three-fingered-salute then windows task-manager processes tab, then watch the memory usage and/or processor time. This just might show something taking more and more memory, but regrettably, since the memory handling is faulty, it is probably not reporting usage correctly to the OS anyhow.

    You need advice on that from people more expert than me. You could start a new thread saying you suspect a memory leak, and how do I locate the faulty software?

    Other than that, you can probably eliminate most system tasks, and concentrate on whatever third-party software is running. Then by a process of elimination (i.e. only running one at a time), you may get lucky.

    sorry I can't help more.
  11. Rilla927

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    Re: ftdisk event 57

    Hi gang!

    I have found one of the problems. This error shows up in the event viewer because the manufacturer of the PC left behind some files from Ultra VNC.

    When I started looking in the registry for vncdrv, I found the exact same related file that was listed in the event viewer with this vncdrv.

    The vncdrv file is the big culprit. I deleted the driver in the System32 folder and then went through the whole registry manually until it was all gone. To make sure it wasn't put back after I deleted everything I waited a while and went back and checked the registry again and it is gone for good.

    I know a number of different things can cause this ftdisk error 57 so I will have to wait and see.

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