Excite says Scripts and/or cookies blocked, won't let me on

By macx
Jun 29, 2006
  1. Firefox and XP

    But neither are blocked.

    I scanned my computer using Ad Aware, Spybot, Ewido, ATF Cleaner, CW Shredder, AVG, Look2Me-Destroyer, SmitFraudFix, and Vundo Fix and
    now Excite home page won't let me log on, reason given as above.

    I checked the Tools/Options/Privacy and all cookies are allowed.
    After not being allowed to log into Excite Home, I tried the Excite Daily
    Cartoons which also wouldn't let me on but the Scripts Allow box at
    the bottom came up saying scripts weren't allowed - although I had
    allowed them for that site before. AFter allowing them, then the
    cartoons came up fine.

    Also in there I've got Java and JavaScript enabled.
    But, when I go into the Javascript console, now I get a whole
    string of error messasges for a number of websites. What caused that?
    May be part of the problem, also the other sites listed seem to open
    and download without problems.

    However, the Excite Home page doesn't show that Scripts Allow
    box at the bottom - where to go elsewhere to fix this?

    I went into Tools/Options/Privacy/Exceptions (for cookies) and now
    every time I restart the computer it reverts back to blocking cookies for
    excite.com. I change it to "allow" then I can open Excite, just not log

    I did notice that other websites I regularly open on which I have allowed
    scripts came up as scripts not allowed after I did that scanning, and had
    to go into the toolbar at the bottom and re-allow scripts on a site by site
    basis as I had already done previously.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    You must have some security program running that is a bit too restrictive.
    Do you have BitDefender or Zone Alarm Pro ?Whatever it is go into the options
    and set it to allow cookies and scripts.

    Have you tried adding excite to the "Trusted" zone in IE ?

    Firefox or Opera have a certain level of inbuilt security with regard to cookies
    and scripts,so you shouldn`t have to use a third party program to block them.
  3. macx

    macx TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 718

    FINALLY figured it out!

    Frustrating, cuz it happened a few months ago and I couldn't
    remember exactly what I had stumbled on to fix it.

    I thought it was in the tools/options/privacy thing, but couldn't
    pinpoint it.

    Got to looking at the exceptions list for cookies - it had an
    entry in the list for www.excite.com and said it was blocked.

    I'd go in and change it to allowed and then I could get on
    the main site, just not log into the home page.

    Then the next time I'd start the computer, I'd have to go
    in and do that again - it would revert to blocked.

    I just went in and deleted the excite entry from the list,
    rather than changing it to "allow" cookies, realizing that
    the list was composed of sites on which cookies were blocked,
    and voila! back in business.

    Now, if I could just figure out which "cleaning" operation
    changes that, or even just remember how I did it, cuz
    I'm SURE it'll happen again!

    Thanks for the suggestions and concern!
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