Existing CD/DVD drive doesn't read DVD media after installing DVD-writer

By AKSalmonSlayer
Nov 29, 2004
  1. Existing CD/DVD drive doesn't recognize DVD media after installing DVD-RW+/- in separate bay. Both are on the IDE (ribbon). Existing CD/DVD drive is set to "Slave" and the DVD-RW+/- is set to "Master". OS XP Home. Sony tech says this is a common problem and that I can't have both the CD/DVD drive and the DVD-RW+/- hooked up to my computer internally. He suggested I purchase an external DVD writer. Any ideas on how to make what I have work?
  2. jstillion

    jstillion TS Rookie Posts: 91

    Can you hook up one of the drives on the same cable as the hard drive? (I know I can't due to case / ribbon location on my pc).

    Try setting both jumpers to cable select.

    The only other think I can think of is upgrade your mother board bios, download the most current mother board chipset drivers.

    If it's a compatibility issue with your board or the drives that can't be fixed.

    I would get an external fireware/usb enclosure that allows you to but one of your drives into the enclosure then hook it up to your pc. The other route is to by an PCI IDE controller card and hook up you components differently (one drive on MB IDE other on PCI IDE).

    Your DVD burner should also act as CD/DVD reader as well.

    On my system I have a CD-R/RW and a DVD-/+ R R/W Dual layer drive one IDE channel.

    almost forgot, Welcome to Tech Spot :D
  3. Liquidlen

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    There is no reason both units cannot exist on the same IDE channel.
    If your bios recognizes both units and their designation ,I would not change that.
    Confirm you have DMA settings .
    The inability to read Media is usually a function of the brand , Firmware updates and Authoring software.
    I would update the firmware of both units.
    Update and confirm that your authoring software is loaded cleanly( no other files from conflicting software)
    Make sure Windows security settings are not blocking. ( eg. Nero has a plugin called Burnrights)
    Then experiment with a couple of different brands of media. It's also a good idea to check compatible brands recommended by the Rom's manufacturer.
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