Exploit.JPEG...Is it a threatening Virus?

By raadeekaa
Feb 13, 2005
  1. Hai,
    My system din't start yesterday saying that NTLDR file is miisung or corrupted..I have installed 2k in C drive and XP in E drive.. Now, as i can't boot, i attached the harddrive to another system and booted the new one.. it showed my first sys' drives as G,H, I, J drives.. Now, while scanning the H drive..(I think it's the E drive where i had XP..) I found a mesage that it may be affected with Unknown virus-Exploit.JPEG..
    I tried healing it.. not possible.. then i tried to move it to vault.. no use.. iam not even able to delete the file.. Iam using AVG -trial version.. i have updated it..
    Iam much worried as i have kept all my jpeg photos in that drive n i'd loose all the photos.. plz. tell me what shd. i do now..
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  3. raadeekaa

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    How abt. Exploit.JPEG?

    But tell me if i'd get any problems using the photos as i have that Exploit.JPEG virus(i don't know what it is)..
    Is it harmful if i transfer those files to another drive(will the virus be transfered to that drive)..
    Iam not much worried abt. the NTLDR.. i can re install oS.. but i want to backup my photos.. What should i do?
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