explored.exe AGAIN....

By OSidiot
May 7, 2004
  1. Alright I failed. It is back and I dont know how. Does anyone know why this file/virus is so persistent?

    The file name is "explored.exe" and I remove from the registry, even made a .exe named explored.exe but it just replaced it. How???? I am getting sick of this. The ad-aware and spybots didnt seem to work. What now....
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    I recently removed a customer's hard drive from their laptop and hooked it up to my system for a virus scan. What I found was about 5 different viruses and about 40 infected files.

    I run the virus scanners in this order, each one over and over again until I was told the system was clean.

    1.) Norton Antivirus 2003
    2.) McAfee 8.0
    3.) Pc-Cillin
    4.) Panda Anti-virus 2004
    5.) F-prot 3.14
    6.) AVG Professional 7
    7.) Kaspersky

    After all of this, it was FINALLY cleaned. AVG and Kaspersky recognized over 2 dozen infected files which the others did not. I might recommend using the free version of AVG since this picked up the most total viruses out of all of them. Kaspersky also did a very good job.
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    Thanks guys. I am still trying to get some money to buy Nortons, and explored.exe comes back occasionaly, i deleted some files in my CatRoot folder maybe that will help. I also got, for the first time something called ntsyskrnl.exe that really plauged my cpu. its gone for now but came the exact same way explored.exe came. Oh well... i am about ready to reformat... thanks again.
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