Explorer Crashes on Start up  (win98)

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Jan 6, 2004
  1. Im currently running win98 4.10 (1st ed) and my issue is this; every time I attempt to start up windows explorer manifests a fatal error and closes, thus leaving me the only option of ctl+alt+del to shut down. I have attempted safe mode to no avail (same occurrence). I have also tried running scanreg in the dos promp, which finds no errors, when and installing old registry back ups the same problem occurs. Im running out of options and I would hate to have to format and reinstall windows for I would lose a great deal of data. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    (note: I have both a boot disk for my system and a win98 se installation disk, if either of these might have tools to aid me in my struggle feel free to suggest.)
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    This is not the real solution, but one that will keep you going.
    Go to http://www.v-com.com/product/pd_ind.html and download their free (unlimited) trial version of PowerDesk.
    Is much better than Explorer.

    Or look around for other free explorer-replacements.

    You could try to extract the explorer.exe file from your install-CD and copy it onto your harddsik (Do this while you are in a proper DOS environment, not the DOS-window)
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    I cant access windows to install programs, soon as the desktop appears an illegal operation box pops up closing explorer thus effectively removing all functionality (no start menu, no commands). I have attempted your dos fix to no avail. If there is a way to salvage the 700mb of data that I require then I would not be remised to reinstall windows. So I ask if i cant restore windows, Is there a program or I can use so that I can access my zip drive from dos, there by providing a means to effectively remove this chunk of data. :confused:
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    I see from your specs that your HD is a bit skinny (10GB) but big enough. Do you have any partition(s) on it other than C: ?
    If so, you could startup in MS-DOS and use xcopy [your data directory] /s /e X:\ where X is your other partition.
    If you have no partitions, you could use Partition Magic (start from the floppy) to make one and format it as FAT32 and then do the above. However, the xcopy will truncate all your long file-names to an 8.3 format.
    Using Drive Image (start from the floppy) you could image your whole C-partition onto the new partition and then reinstall W98 from scratch on the C: again.
    Then using the Drive Image Explorer, you can go into the saved image-file of your old W98, and copy all the files out that you want.

    Worst case scenario you will have to buy those 2 programs, but believe me, they are worth it. If you need any further info, let me know.

    PS: I thought there are DOS-drivers for the ZIP-drive, but I don't know if the 8.3 rule applies again using ZIP-drive under DOS

    PS2: depending on your version of Drive Image, you could burn those 700MB directly on a CD from inside Drive Image.
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    There are so many things that could be wrong...

    Bad memory, bad sectors on drive... Software or filesystem problems... Viruses...

    Rather than spend weeks trying to figure out what the problem is, it may be best to reinstall Windows. You can backup your data via another hard disk or partition. If you need access to Windows, you can even install Windows in a different folder for temporary access to your files. Then backup your stuff in Windows and format.. Reinstall Windows and copy your stuff backover.

    Windows 98 upgrade (if you can find it), may be a solution as you can do sort of a repair install, which will keep all your settings etc.. But refresh your system files and reinstall your drivers etc. If your problem lies within the software, then this may fix it.
    Blue screens concern me though, because more often than not, there's a nasty reason for it (hardware failure, for example).

    If you get your hands on SE upgrade, I would certainly consider getting SE on that thing anyhow. FE is horrible.
  6. EfaustuS9

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    I found some dos drivers for my zip drive and I was able to back up the needed data and install windows SE, but now two new problems face me. 1st windows will not recognise my PCI modem (3com 56k), I have tried auto detect and detect new hardware in the controll pannel. 2nd when I investigate in the device maneger windows tells me there is a resorce conflict at Printer port 1(IRQ confliction), also it is unable to identify a PCI communication device based on missing drivers. Is it possible that these two issues are related if so how might I resolve them.

    PS; oh yea thanks for all your help up to this point, realy apprechate it :)
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