Exporting Aol Address Book to Outlook

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Oct 19, 2002
  1. Is there a way to export AOL's Address book to Outlook? I figured it would be an easy find but I was wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. GeorgiaSong

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    The only way I've found is very awkward, indeed, unless you tried a java script. It does not appear that AOL has provided an export, likely for obviously but unfortunate reasons.
    This export tip will give you only the email addresses and no other information you might have saved. It can be done with Groups. If you have Individuals not in Groups, first use the Groups THEN the next step:
    (Based on a right-handed mouse:)
    AOL 8.0 (or 9.0 BETA)
    (1) Click Write as though to write/compose a new email. Leave open.
    (2) Click on Address Book icon

    Put cursor in Address Book Window.
    With Mouse, click Select ALL
    (Or while holding Shift Key down,
    select individuals and/or groups)
    Then click to choose SEND TO
    Follow instructions to Send To which places addresses
    in the Send To Window of the email being composed.

    With Mouse cursor, In the email SEND TO window,
    right click to select ALL.
    right click to select CUT.
    With Mouse cursor, In the email Compose/Write menu,
    right click to PASTE.

    From AOL Tool Bar:
    Click: File
    Save As
    choose a directory/folder on your harddrive,
    and choose a filename (i.e. AOL_AdrBk.HTML) with HTML or TXT extension.

    Then save it.

    If you use the HTML extension, you can open an Excel Spreadsheet with:
    File Open AOL_AdrBk (Excel opens HTML as though it's an XLS file.)

    From Excel, you can export to CSV format, or choose a format depending on whichever Excel version you might have.

    Tedious? Yeah. But not as tedious as re-typing everything.

    I don't keep detailed information on any internet provider (AOL, Yahoo, Comcast, etc., etc.) email address book without having it in a personal database or spreadsheet that will export to popular formats.

    There are a couple different ways you can do the above, all are relatively tedious. If you have separate Mail GROUPS, you can do the above with each group OR...
    Per GROUP:
    In the Address Book, click on a Group, say, RESCUEDOGS.
    Click on RESCUEDOGS and the names appear in the bottom window of the address book.
    Place mouse cursor in bottom window.
    Right click then select SELECT ALL
    All names should be HIGHLIGHTED.
    Then left double-click. Notepad will come up with
    all the selected names inserted.
    Then do your File Save As (which will now limit you to TXT).

    Good luck.
  3. tdicks

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    Simple, but tedious if you have a large address list. Simply email your Outlook account, CC ing everyone in your address book. Then, when you get the mail, open it, and right click on each address in the CC section and choose Add Contact.
  4. nickeystorme

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    old post but simple process now

    simply go to aol address book from IE or you aol program,

    hit the print button, a pop up will appear save as a text file

    in windows xp or even outlook there is a address book feature in accesories

    open it and import that file it will also work with any email program email me for more help
  5. Tedster

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    instead of using outlook, try thunderbird, it's a lot better.
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