External and internal dvd burner cannot read disc

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Jun 26, 2007
  1. Hi all,

    I have tried to burn/read discs with 3 devices (an external Freecom DVD burner, an internal NEC ND-2510A DVD burner, and an internal Plextor burner) but get the same problem. My PC recognises that there is a drive there but if I put in a CD or DVD the drive/s makes a kinda chugging sound then comes up with a message saying it cannot recognise the format of the disc. I really hope this cant be 3 defective drives....can someone please suggest any PC settings that may be not right?

  2. raybay

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    Are these discs the professionally burned, software, or store bought softwar discs... or are you talking about discs you buy to burn data and music.

    If they are blank discs you obtained to make copies, burn music, or duplicate data, you probably have either the incorrect discs for those burners, or you have a defective batch. We have had three Defective sets of 50 discs in the past two years... Sony, Imation, and a no-name brand... so we know it can happen.
    Tell us more about what discs you are using, and what models of burners.
  3. bezzer

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    Unfortunately I'm getting this with all discs -whether they are CDR, audio CDs or DVD films - the strange thing is, the drive/s used to work before I moved house, then when I set-up the PC again all I get is the "Unsupported disc format"
  4. raybay

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    Buy a new drive... $37 with free shipping at www.newegg.com.... you will need one within a year even if this one is good.
    This allows you to test the most obvious problem... the optical drive(s).

    However, since you have gone through a move, carefully and very slowly look over your entire motherboard for a loose cable or component. Actually remove and reseat everthing possible. Gently turn your open computer upside down to see if jumper pins or other suspects fall out.
    If it amazing how often a strange failure is a simple cause from a missing cable, wire, or jumper.
    Look on the back of your optical drives to see if all jumpers and wires are there and installed properly.

    Still, my suspect remains the optical drive. They are fragile anyway. They are not rendered immobile in a move so could come apart in significant ways.
  5. bezzer

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    Cool, thanks. I checked out an internal burner from Novatech (as Im in the UK) and it was going for about the same amount so will buy that.
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