External Hard Drives

By pandaking
Aug 31, 2004
  1. Hey, my comp is a bit broken and i have got it on a warrenty (mesh comp.) they are coming to colect it and run some tests on it in a few days but before they come i am really worried about them losing all the data on my hard drive. the situation with my comp at the momment is that no data is being send to the screen and it seems to be starting up incorrectly (see here) and i was wondering how i should back it up. prior to this happening i was looking for somthing to back up my disk, this has just made it slightly more urgent. i am currently looking at the Western Digital Media Center 250 as i was also looking into buying a memorycard reader and a hub, which this has built into it, but i am unsure how i can get the data onto it. my questions to you are, am i oing for the right thicg, and how can i get the data off it? thanks all...
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