Extigy driver problems

By Don_S
Dec 7, 2003
  1. Hi all,

    I recently moved the SB Extigy from my laptop to a desktop. Laptop is running XP Home and desktop has XP Pro. I followed the installation instructions provided by Creative. However, when installing the drivers, I got an error message saying that the driver wdmaudio could not be found and to insert the XP CD ROM, which I did. However, the computer appeared to lock up after this so I had to exit out of the installation. Did a search for wdmaudio.drv, found it somewhere in the Windows\system directory. Did a re-install and pointed setup program to the location of the wdmaudio.drv file when it asked for it. It appeared to find it but then said it could not find another file "Kbuser.dll" or some thing like that. So, once again, I exited out of the installation, found "kbuser.dll", re-started the installation and pointed setup to the location fo "kbuser.dll". After that, installation completed successfully and everything works fine. The problem is that when I shut down the computer and re-boot or re-start, the drivers for the Extigy don't load at startup (Device manager shows a yellow exclamation mark by the SB Extigy listing). If I uninstall the SB Extigy in device manager and re-boot, Extigy works again until I re-boot. So, to make a long story short, my current problem is that to get the Extigy to work, I have to uninstall it in device manager every time I start windows and re-boot. Obviously this is a BIG pain the rear. Any ideas on how to resolve this problem? incidentally, i did download the latest driver updates from creative's website. Any help will be appreciated. :confused:
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