Extnesa 390 Laptop - Wont power on

By 3vilc
Jan 12, 2005
  1. Hi all,

    I have an Acer/Texas Instruments Extensa 390 laptop which wont power up at all, the charge light comes on when the ac adapter is plugged in so at least something must be happening. I know this is an old beast but I would really like to get it going as its perfect for what I want to use it for.
    At first i thought the problem was the power switch, replaced that, still nothing. The battery is warm after a while with the power connected, therefore it must be charging and there must be at least some power going through the motherboard as the battery is at the front and the power connector at the back.
    I have removed and tried without hdd, cdrom, battery, ram. still no luck. tried the ram in both sodimm slots, no change.
    Its been a while since i have worked on a laptop so forget what it will and wont start up with. Should it still power on with no ram or bad ram? i have some more ram on the way for testing. What about the CMOS battery, I have tested this at 2.91v but cant remember what its meant to be, will check it again today after a while with no power connected to make sure its at least holding its 2.9v.
    What about the 'lid closed' switch? will a laptop normally power on with the lid closed (ie. if the switch is faulty and the computer thinks the lid is closed when its not). I cant see a switch anywhere under the hinges so must be under the latch at the front.

    Any info or ideas would be hugely appreciated
    Sorry about all the questions, i just want to know exactly what i need to look at before i pull this thing apart again :) complex jigsaw puzzle that it is.

    Thanks in advance,
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