Extremely High Interrupts/sec due to 2 processors!?

By pingpan
Jul 24, 2007
  1. I just upgrade my Windows XP to Vista last week, and then i see that my CPU is always around 49%. It scares me, cuz my the desktop wasn't that high while I was using XP.

    Now I am really worried, but I am also very confused. At the time I upgrade my Windows, I also bought a new Video card, the geforce GTS 8800. So now I don't know is the high cpu usage is due to the upgrade of my Windows OS or the change of my video card.

    Then after i did the System Diagnostics test, and this is what I got.


    It says I have 2 processors and 4 network card, that is why it cuz 157448 interupts per sec.

    But what cuz this is still unforseen to me. Please, experts, friends, anyone, help me!!!
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