Exynos chips with AMD RDNA 2 graphics could power future Galaxy A-series phones, too


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Yeah, that one in particular seems to be a core conviction for many. I personally see things like pushing for open standards, or inviting others to help maintain their driver source, as a kind of marketing strategy of its own. A strategy that makes sense for an underdog, rather than a function of altruism. But that's certainly arguable.
Whenever a company pushes for open standards is usually because they don’t have a choice and they want others to adopt it. Take FSR, it’s only open source because no developers would bother putting in their games if it only worked on AMD cards due to AMDs tiny market share. It’s incredibly transparent but still many users mistake this tactic for being “more ethical”. As you mention this is the strategy of the underdog.

Business ethics is quite clearly defined (I studied it) and there is simply no way to know if AMD are more ethical than others or not. We don’t know how AMD employees are hired fairly or if they take bribes. Although personally I do wonder how F1 managed to net 5% of AMDs annual turnover in a sponsorship deal (usual corporate shmoozing probably).

Intel donate millions to charity, they push technology to third world countries. They hire creative professionals such as “Will I Am” to push artistic projects. They are the only company who offers a bug bounty programme. When it comes to who has done the most for the global community it’s easily Intel out of all these companies. But then again, they are way bigger then everyone else.