Facebook reportedly tried to smear the reputation of its whistleblower among politicians


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A hot potato: While Facebook (or Meta, as it’s now known) might have thought 2018, the year of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, would forever remain its worst-ever 12 months, 2021 has taken that unwanted title—and it’s not over yet. The company is now facing accusations that it tried to smear the name of its former employee-turned-whistleblower Frances Haugen among Washington politicians.

Haugen leaked internal documents earlier this year that showed Facebook knows just how harmful its social media platforms are to society, including the determinantal effects Instagram can have on teenage girls’ mental health.

Haugen also revealed that alterations to Facebook’s algorithms turned off some safeguards designed to fight the spread of misinformation and may have contributed to the Capitol riots. She also said that the company ranks different countries in order of importance when it comes to content moderation. The fallout led to Facebook temporarily suspending plans for its Instagram for Kids app and Congress summoning executives to multiple hearings.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s Washington-based lobbyists and public relations staff went on the offensive against Haugen following her appearance on CBS’ 60 Minutes show. The team allegedly warned Democrats that Republicans would use Haugen’s leaks to slam the company’s decision to ban posts supporting Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, which it has since reversed.

Republicans, meanwhile, were told that Haugen was a Democratic activist who wanted to boost President Biden’s administration. Her PR firm being run by former President Obama staffers was put forward as evidence of this claim.

Members of both parties who spoke to the paper said the calls were an attempt to prevent lawmakers from uniting against Facebook/Meta. But Haugen was invited to testify in front of Congress, leading to a bipartisan group of lawmakers working on stricter regulations for social media companies.

Additionally, the Journal writes that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has told staff not to apologize for Facebook’s research, which it calls “mischaracterized.” Instagram's head of public policy, Karina Newton, wrote that the damning reports focus "on a limited set of findings and casts them in a negative light."

Earlier this month, a survey saw Facebook/Meta voted the worst company of 2021 by a large margin, taking 50% more votes than second-place Alibaba in a result that surprised absolutely nobody.

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Uncle Al

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The question still remains .... when will the Congress and law enforcement go after them? They have more than a few strikes against them ... there have been more than a few lesser companies that have been closed down or severely penalized for lesser crimes ....


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Facebook executives combined donated millions to several democrat campaigns and they donated $0 to Republican campaigns. They are provably politically biased and involved. Yet somehow they are allowed to do basically whatever they like. They are the billionaire owners of the virtual town square and as soon as you enter it you basically lose all your rights. If it were the opposite and they were biased towards republicans, the left would be screaming for the government to seize them, to nationalise and regulate Facebook. In the meantime, Facebook removes freedom of speech for republican commentators and demonetise them, they influence elections all over the world, they threaten governments and they engage in bullying tactics like this.

We need a digital bill of rights, maybe even a new amendment to the constitution that extends your physical rights into the virtual space and protects individuals from multibillion dollar entities like Facebook from persecuting you for the opinions you voice or even the photos you post, ensure all users have a right to appeal any form of ban and that your data is safe, even from the law without a warrant.


Jack Deth

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Congress going after fb is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500.

Tell you what, start holding all of them accountable, and we'll take this theater seriously.

Don't Be Evil, riiiiight?


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The question still remains .... when will the Congress and law enforcement go after them? They have more than a few strikes against them ... there have been more than a few lesser companies that have been closed down or severely penalized for lesser crimes ....

Yep, makes me want to follow up on that title:

It didn't work

Did it not? I have a strong suspicion they'll just let it slide and be forgotten, mostly because it's not just Facebook 'bad mouthing' a former employee but I am 99% certain they're also heavily lobbying congressmen to get in front of things.


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Yup and people thought I was crazy.

Also not surprised that sneaky snake Obama and his people being part of it. Everyday the news mentions the TRUMP CURSE. I did some research and it's real. Look at the Democrat politicians to Hollywood actors, even sport players and others they ended being the crooked ones. Look at Cuomo, his brother, Belasio, Democrat gov Lightfoot, NJ, Philadelphia Gov, Alec Baldwin, the people in charge in Puerto Rico that hid water and food, etc.

I and 18 other's were smart and I saved almost every Facebook mislead and false articles and banning from Facebook employee's lying and trying to punish us with crazy bans be it 24hrs 72hrs , 7 days, 10 days and 30 days. Gotta love FIREFOX browser features and my info will be used and will be reported by WTNH news in the coming 1-3 months. Facebook is getting sued by everyone and Trump will make sure they get their karma.

Joey Rakas

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The next best question is why people still use such a crooked platform lol. It is seriously 100% toxicity and evil. One day the government will grow a pair and shut them down based on morality alone.


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The Devil and his Demons need to rise up from Hell and drag Mark and his Execs. down to Hell like in the movie "Drag me to Hell".