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Dec 14, 2007
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  1. I've had an account with facebook for a while now, my problem is that the applications NEVER work!!!! It's soooo frustrating :(

    Just wondering if anyone has any way of fixing it, it's when i click add it goes to the add page but nothing comes up and it says it's done at the bottom.

    Sorry for my computer iliteracy
  2. God Of Mana

    God Of Mana TechSpot Paladin Posts: 493

    Well I haven't come across that problem on FB..
    But what you are saying is that you cannot add apps to your profile because they say you already have it?
    Well, you could try to look for it to make sure its not there.
    Reply soon,
  3. LuckyM

    LuckyM Banned Posts: 66

    i got several applications on my facebook profile and so far i got no problems. maybe there's some browser problem? have you tried to refresh the add page? have you tried to use facebook with another web browser?
    i actually got no certain idea how to help you, but maybe this will be a little helpful.
  4. Loz1234

    Loz1234 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    Cheers guys for replying...

    Tried running it in Mozilla... and it worked cheers for the advice, Loz
  5. LuckyM

    LuckyM Banned Posts: 66

    i'm glad it worked ;)

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