failed to connect to a windows service

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Sep 4, 2008
  1. I'm having a problem with 2 month old Dell. Where do i go to get help with that?

    can anyone tell me where i go on this site to post a problem so i can get an answer
  2. Pccrazy

    Pccrazy TS Rookie

    What is the problem with the dell?
  3. Chrys300

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    I have a 2 month old computer with vista, i recently got a message in the right hand corner after it takes about 5-7 mimutes to even get there. Also prior to getting the message there is a black screen for about 2-3 minutes. The message states "failed to connect to a windows service: Windows could not connect to the system event notification service service. This problem prevents limited users from logging on to the system. As an administrator user you can review the system event log for details about why the service did not respond.

    the above message was done on 9/4, today is 9/5 and I'm wondering if anyone can help me. Can anyone out there help? If you need more info let me know. I'm @ work , and it's 8:45 am, so I have all day.. Thanks
  4. Pccrazy

    Pccrazy TS Rookie

    Click on Start-Run, type "services.msc", the click on OK. When the Services window loads, navigate to the "System Event Notification Service", the double click on it to open it.. Make sure the "Startup Type" says "Automatic". If it doesn't, use the drop down menu to change it.

    If it already says: "Automatic", then click on the "Recovery" tab at the top, and change the ""First Failure" line to "Restart the Service", then click on "apply", then OK
  5. Chrys300

    Chrys300 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    failed to connect to a window service problem

    O.k when I go home tonight , I will try that. Thanks. Since it is Saturday tomorrow I will not be able to let you know if it worked until Monday when I come back to work. Thanks again. Have a Good Weekend!!
  6. Pccrazy

    Pccrazy TS Rookie

    Vista does not have a start -run function, so you should hold down the windows key and press "R".

    Thx and good luck!
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