Failure of Motherboard


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We need your system specs first, then we need to know what led up to a non-bootable mobo.

Without this information no one can help you at the moment.


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Components can cause a motherboard to malfunction if they're not properly installed. In some cases, your computer may not even get through POST.


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What RED Led's are on? A heat gun to re-flow your CPU holder to the
motherboard could be tried. On Ebay $29.00. Put aluminum foil over except for the cut out for the CPU and heat up the back of the motherboard to the temperature to melt the solder. Putt some liquid flux under the CPU holder on top also. Use of the computer to play your games may have caused it to fail or you were too rough with your cooling heat sink & fan and flexed the motherboard. Usually the DRAM Led is on.


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You are pushing for sales of heat guns but even if you have success it will be temporary. Way back in 2008 (maybe before Wuertz was born) nVidia had a massive issue with the soldering of their graphics chips and it cost them a lot of money. Reballing and reflowing the chips with heat guns was all the rage. Some even stuck motherboards in the oven. This was a short lived "fix. I know because I tried with a heat gun a couple of times.


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The used to be the Geek Squad from BestBuy. A complete system check
out for $250.00. Many painters have a hot air gun, and they would be Geeks
enough possibly to trouble with a little problem. They just could have the needed skill to reflow the solder. They would work for $20.00 most likely.