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Jul 15, 2007
  1. Hi, I couldn't fit the image i wanted to show on this site so i put it on imageshack-

    its a picture of the inside of my computer and im unsure of if i have the middle fan the right way or the wrong way or if it supposed to draw in cool air or exhaust hot air?
    as you can see its screwed on to the motherboard and the blades of the middle fan are blowing to the left side also.

    the hard-drive (on bottom right corner-where botton green clip is) tends to get very warm in the summer too and need advice on cooling it down a bit.

    if you need any more info let me know, thanks for any help.
  2. raybay

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    I can't see it well enough to tell you anything. I would add a large, low speed exhaust fan. You need to keep all that air moving for best results. Directed fans are not as useful as improving the quality of your CPU fan and heat sink would be. I would put my money on improvements on those items.
  3. CCT

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    Your hard drive could be moved up 1 bay to provide a bit more air circulation on the bottom (assuming those are side-rail open-center mounts, otherwise, it won't).

    You need a rear case fan blowing OUT (largest that will fit and quietest) and would benefit from air vents at least near the hard drive allowing air IN to take heat away from that area.
  4. rogue12

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    there is a big rear vent on the side that i toke off also to take the picture, with that rear fan it actaully came with the comptuer when it was bought and i cleaned out day (lot of dust) silly me i forgot what way it went in so is it blowing in the right or wrong direction?, or should i scrap it and get one blowing out of that rear vent?

    to make things easier here what the fan look like kind off -

    my rear fan has the back vents or heatsink on it like that one in the picture.
  5. CCT

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    The heatsink fan is pointed the right way IF it is blowing air onto the heatsink.

    You want another fan at the vent holes on the back of the case to suck that hot air out - like I said earlier, you also need air incoming from the front of front-side .
  6. rogue12

    rogue12 TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 47

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