Fans going crazy after BIOS update

By Mirrodin ยท 30 replies
Jul 2, 2006
  1. Hello. I have a very serious problem. My fans run all the time on my computer now since i updated my BIOS. The computer is very noisy and i cannot play any games now without the fans going on full blast. My computer is an HP pavilion a1410n. I have contacted HP many times on this problem and i know someone knows the reason why but i dont think they get the big picture. My PC was never noisy before the update. Now the fan runs constantly and higher than usual.. Its really quite annoying and i dont want to use my PC but i have too. My motherboard is: Manufacturer: Asus; Motherboard Name: A8N-LA. Is there anyway i can calm down my PC fans? The processor fan and the fan in the back are the ones that appear to be running as the power supply fan is still quiet. Could it be that the Cool&Quiet technology is off? Anyway to get it back on? I really need this problem fixed as i am always on my computer doing work/playing. So please, post any ideas what the problem may be. Ive tried using default on the BIOS but it didnt work and i really dont want to send it into HP and have to wait 8-10 days to get it back when the problem can be fixed in 10 minutes. Thanks for reading this long post. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to ask. Also, is there anyway that if i take it somewhere to get the factory settings of my motherboard back? Would the place do it?
  2. eazy_duz_em

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    you can buy cables that reduce the voltage from 12V+ to 7V+ or you could just override the bios with the old one.
  3. fastco

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  4. Mirrodin

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    I have windows XP so those Cool&Quiet downloads wont work for me. Also, where can i get an older version of the BIOS? I've looked all over and i cannot find one. Also, could a PC repair place fix this problem fairly quickly?
  5. fastco

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  6. Mirrodin

    Mirrodin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I couldnt find the older driver there so i think i am stuck with a horrible running computer. :\
  7. fastco

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    Have you tried SpeedFan? On some computers it lets you control the speed of the fans. I can't figure it out yet but I just installed it. It's free. Here is the link
  8. Mirrodin

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    I dont know but my games are annoying to play because of the fans running on high..I think i am going to call a PC repair place tommorrow but i dont know if they will know what its suppose to sound like. I wont be able to do any gaming until i get this fixed.
  9. fastco

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    They will most likely rip you off, be careful.....
  10. i_am_a_newbie

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    I'm assuming the default bios/settings were controlling the fans.

    Either go into the BIOS and attempt to find a fan control, or simply use SpeedFan. Don't waste money fixing a problem that is easy to fix.
  11. N3051M

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    Only if its not the fan ontop of the cpu's heatsink.

    Have you opened up the case and cleaned out the dust from it? also putting a bit of graphite + oil on the fan may help reduce the noise...
  12. mailpup

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    You might have a different BIOS but mine has a has a section called H/W Monitor. Under H/W Monitor it has "Smart CPU Fan Target." If it is set low, the fans connected to the motherboard will be on all the time, full blast trying to keep the temps way down. Try changing the setting.
  13. nork

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    You should be able to go to Asus website and find several bios updates there and find the one you had before, download and install.

    I only installed speedfan a few days ago, so im not an expert. I noticed that you can go to the info section, click on a selection and end up at the speedfan website where you can enter the make and model of your motherboard. Then you get a number that you paste back into the applicable section of your speedfan program. Then you can set the speeds of any of the fans on your system. I tried but it doesnt seem to have the info for my motherboard (MSI neo2) or something didnt work right, either way im out of luck, but you may do better for yours as you have a different motherboard.
  14. peekyou

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    I have the same system, the HP a1410n, brand new out of the box - and the system fan was going crazy. So i found this thread and installed the SpeedFan program - and now it seems the system fan is hovering in some intermediate phase - not as loud as before, but not as silent as when I initially booted up...and it is very up and down.

    I will look into bios updates - but I am not really sure what to do.
  15. 4coolkid

    4coolkid TS Rookie

    Exactly the same problem here

    Did you get a response from anyone regarding this issue? I have the exact problem. If I go to the power mode in the control panel and open the power option icon. Merely opening this icom stops the fan. Very strange behavior
  16. N3051M

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    4coolkid: I dont think you would have the "exact" problem as mirrodin, but maybe similar symptoms, so lets start from the biggining. I'll put this into a Q&A for you :D

    1. What are your specs?
    2. What other symptoms are you experiencing, apart from that control panel issue, such as noisy/high speed fans etc..?
    3. Do you remember what changes were made before/after/during that problem?
    4. Do you remember what you were roughly doing at the time? or what you planned to do?
    5. Have you tried to do some maintainance, such as cleaning dust out, updates etc?
    6. Anything else that may/may not sound relavant?
  17. 4coolkid

    4coolkid TS Rookie

    1. What are your specs?
    I am using a Pavilion A1410n

    2. What other symptoms are you experiencing, apart from that control panel issue, such as noisy/high speed fans etc..?
    No other noticable symptoms to mention.

    3. Do you remember what changes were made before/after/during that problem?
    Yes, their was an automatic BIOS update that I accepted. Once the BIOS update completed the fan problem was noticed. When the fans is running at high speed, if I open the control panel followed by the power options icon (but not change any settings) the fan speed drops to idle or stops. It seems like opening the power options icon sends or resets some control signal to the fan.

    4. Do you remember what you were roughly doing at the time? or what you planned to do?
    Just browsing the web.

    5. Have you tried to do some maintainance, such as cleaning dust out, updates etc?

    6. Anything else that may/may not sound relavant?
  18. Sharkfood

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    As it's an ASUS motherboard, ASUS supports something known as "QFAN"

    QFAN automatically runs the fans on a "as needed" basis and has like 5-6 different throttles for cpu and chassis fans.

    As you've updated the BIOS, more than likely it has become set with "Factory" default settings, which includes QFAN disabled (i.e. run all fans at 100% full time).

    I'd visit your BIOS (usually by hitting DEL, F1 or F10 during the computer's initial POST/memory tests) and look for a QFAN setting- usually found in the APM or hardware monitor pages within. You may have to simply change this from Disable to Enable.
  19. 4coolkid

    4coolkid TS Rookie

    A1410n Fans go crazy after BIOS update! Major BUG !!

    Here is what someone else posted: This is exactly what happen to me!!

    My Motherboard is: Manufacturer: Asus; Motherboard Name: A8N-LA.

    I had the exact same problem occur - automatic bios update sent through the "Updates from HP" automatic service with the computer. Installed the upgrade and the CPU has been blasting (locks-up) at 100% usage most of the time. Once it happens, it essentially locks up the computer since no software can effectively run. It also prevents my computure from shutting down correctly which has caused multiple other re-start issues. It makes it very tough to troubleshoot since the computer essentially locks-up most times during the middle of the troubleshooting process.

    I have reloaded windows xp, reset the system to default settings (though it appears that it has lost the original bios as the version remains the newer one). I am now very suspicious as HP has taken the bios upgrade off their Update website. It was first put on June 23,2006 and I downloaded it again on July 21 to try a re-install. I checked today, and it is no longer available for download. There are numerous other updates that are much older, so I don't hink it was taken off due to "age". I have contacted HP and they won't admit a problem.

    BTW: I do not see a QFAN feature in the bios settings.
  20. Tedster

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    I would reinstall the previous BIOS unless there was some particular reason why it is essential.
  21. dazzer9535

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    I know someone who is in talks with HP support about this follow the link.

    Linky Poos
  22. Mirrodin

    Mirrodin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I just got my computer back after about a month or repairs. HP has "fixed" the problem once and it persisted and ended up with 105' c start-up temperature. They took it to their circuit city HP tech service and replaced the motherboard. I brought it ihome and was pleased that it was much quieter. After playing on the computer a while, it became noisy again. As HP doesnt support "Unit Replacement" i am shafted until they find a fix for this. They can replace everything inside the computer but they wont give you another PC of the same model...
  23. j316doe

    j316doe TS Rookie

    have the same problem

    I have the same problem. i have a HP Pavilion a1410n, i got a notification of a update, so i downloaded the BIOS Update 3.10 06/23/2006 now when ever i run a program the cpu skyrockets to a 100% and the fans on the back of the PC go on full:angel:

    brought it back where i bought it to the tech guys the *****s didn't have a clue what was wrong:confused:

    checked back at hp and the hp bios update isn't up anymore:suspiciou

    the only way i think that it will be fixed is either some here knows the answer
    or wait till the next bios update, hopefully it will fix it not worsen it:dead:
  24. GenericUser

    GenericUser TS Rookie

    crazy fan fix? hidden bios settings

    Lots of people with the AN8-LA seem to have fan problems(not me!) I came across this, and I remembered reading this thread, so here's what I found out. If you press "F11" 3 times, instead of "F1" to enter the BIOS setup, it will show more options! If I remember right it's under "Hardware Monitor" - anyway "F11" will get you a couple extra options, including total control of the fan speed, and what temp the monitor will consider hot(when it spins the fans faster.) These hidden settings are the only fan speed fix I could imagine being related to BIOS. Too bad there weren't some hidden settings for FSB, voltage, and timings :rolleyes: My 2 cents: I think the "fan problem" is normal behavior! When you play a game and the core heats up, THE FAN IS SUPPOSED TO SPIN FAST! If you play games, I reccomend you don't slow the fans. The comp will be quiet when you are browsing, or watching a video, but when you start a game, or run seti or somthing like that it's gonna make some noise. If you adjust the hidden setting too low you're gonna have problems. Fans may get louder as they get older, try to replace them if it's really bad. Mounting the case fan with rubber grommets to reduce vibration may help. I updated my BIOS 2 times and never had a problem. Maybe the fans just get a little louder after some use...
  25. Rik

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    Another option is to get rid of the cheap noisy fans and replace them with better quality silent or low noise versions.
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