Far Cry 6 Benchmarked


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Ah yes. I wasn't aware of this when I made my post and was going on Steve's assertion that 10gb would probably be fine for years to come, made, I dunno, six months or a year ago. Bit annoying as I got the original 3080. But then I should count myself lucky to have any 3080.
Even 8GB will be fine for years at 1440p. Especially without Ray Tracing enabled. Pretty much no game uses over 6GB completely maxed at 1440p (however cards with 16-24GB _can_ allocate more than 6GB here, but 8GB cards will do fine).

10GB also fine for 4K/UHD gaming - the GPU power will be a problem before memory is.

And this is why you don't make overkill on memory. Alot of memory is not going to save a weak GPU.

FSR and DLSS even lowers memory usage.


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It means nVidia fanboys can whine a bit...

Whine about what? My 3080 Ti performs better than 6900XT in this game at 4K/UHD fully maxed. 6900XT performs like a 3080 here.

Glad I got it for free tho, nothing to write home about. Far Cry series have went downhill for years and continues to do so.
In reality, you can't run this game with HD textures with an 8GB card for long.... You can briefly and perhaps long enough for benchmarks, but it will eventually fill the GPU's RAM and then your frame rate will drop to < 10 FPS. I have multiple systems with 8GB and 16GB graphics memory and you definitely cannot play actual game sessions with 8GB + HD. I have tested this on a 3070 and a Vega 64 and the memory WILL eventually fill up and kill your FPS. Ubi isn't making up the 11GB requirement.

That said, it runs great at 4K with RT on and everything maxed on a 6800XT. Far Cry has never been a game that requires astronomical frame rates, it's fine on a good monitor or TV set starting around ~45 FPS, you don't really notice that you've dropped from 60+. The 3070 would be just fine for 4K ultra + RT too, you just need to turn off HD textures on cards under the recommended RAM. Probably some lower cards would too, but I don't have those to test on.