Fastest CPU to go on an Asus A7V266a ?

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Feb 26, 2002
  1. How high can you go (on an Asus A7V266a

    Hey guys,

    just to get a little more information on my mobo, can anyone advise me of how high I can go with the chipset? Can i get an AMD XP2000 on it?


    The Prawn
  2. ToRN

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    I think your mobo is based on the KT266 chipset. It has the same capabilities as the KT266A (except for the better memory management).

    After installing the latest bios (which is 1007 beta 2 or 1006 stable) you will be able to run all the latest cpu's from the amd stables.
  3. uncleel

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    Supports XP 1900+ , but w/ the bios revision (A7A266 1.06 1002.BIN) should enable you to go w/ the 2000+

    AMD-XP Motherboard Compatibility
    AMD-XP Motherboard Compatibility
    The following boards can not only handle the new Athlon™ XP processor chips, but are also on AMD's recommended list
    (passed validation):
    A7V266 rev1.05 rev. 1.07 1002 Beta 005 AMD4
    Asus A7V266 VIA-KT266 266FSB DDR (AMD)
    Supports Socket A (462) AMD Athlon/Duron processors up to 1.4GHz+ and Athlon XP up to 2000+ and beyond
    VIA KT266 VT8366 North Bridge chipset with VT8233 South Bridge
    200/266MHz Front-Side-Bus (FSB)
  4. Honourableprawn

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    flashing the bios.....

    Appreciate the info, but what on earth do I do to flash the bios, I've never done it and have heard some horror stories regarding it? Know of anywhere where I can get the dummies guide to bios updates?


    The Prawn:grinthumb
  5. Arris

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    Just make sure....

    1) You have the correct bios file for your motherboard.
    2) the correct flash tool from the motherboard manufacturer.

    If you have these then you are pretty safe to go ahead and flash your bios. Unless you have a power cut during flashing there isn't much that can go wrong ;)
  6. young&wild

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    Re: Just make sure....

    Lastly, do not attempt to flash your bios in windows, instead do it in DOS!
  7. Vehementi

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    I have the same board as you - A7V266. I've flashed my BIOS before. It's very simple to do - ASUS even provides your "dummies guide to flashing BIOS" on their site. All you need is the flashing utility, which can be found here , and an image file (this is what your BIOS will actually be written as) which can be found here. Copy both of these files to a bootable system floppy, record both the full name of the flash utility and the full name of the track image, and shut down your computer. Open your case and look for the CMOS battery. There should be a jumper right next to it that says CLR_RTC. First, unplug your computer, then remove the battery. After you do this, replace the battery, and short the jumper by placing a jumper block over both pins. Then replug your computer, and boot it using the system disk with the track image and flashing utility on them. Wait for all the drivers to load, and when A:/> is displayed, type in the name of the flash utility you recorded earlier, and press enter. Then select the option that involves flashing the motherboard BIOS. It will ask you for the full name of the track image, so type in A:/(name of image).awd. It will then flash the BIOS.
    There aren't any BIOS updates to support chips of a higher speed, although there should (or even will) be some later on down the road with the XP 2100+ coming out next week and the 2200+ maybe in a matter of a month, about. The exact speed the A7V266-E is capable of handling is unknown to me. The FSB can be overclocked very high, and still run stable, as with the multiplier, so I don't believe you'll need a BIOS revision for any future Socket-A based Athlon.
    Those horror stories were probably from me, they mostly involve older system boards, where flashing the BIOS was very risky. Today's boards can be flashed incident free dozens of times, if nothing goes wrong during the flash. (power outage...:dead:)
    Good luck if you plan on flashing your BIOS. It's very easy.

    And now to end the longest post of my 3DSpotlight career :p
  8. Tawhid 1

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    Why you have not contact any dealer reather than ask us they could give you a better info.
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