Fastest p4 400mhz?

By dae_amp_ika_dtp
Feb 3, 2008
  1. hi. just wondering if anyone knows the fastest pentium 4 processor for a 400mhz system bus speed? im trying to upgrade an old pc to max out the cpu speed. currently it has a crappy celeron 2.1ghz @400mhz chip in it. just wondering if its even worth it? thanks.


    nevermind i found it. its 2.6ghz. but would i see a huge improvement over the 2.1celeron? i also have a 2.4ghz p4 laying around, would it work, the fsb is 533mhz?
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  3. dae_amp_ika_dtp

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    thanks for thew info. i think i will be purchasing a 2.4 p4. its kind of hard to find the 2.6 for a decent price.
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