Fatal Crashes and Restarts

By Falix
Nov 20, 2005
  1. Hi All. New User here and serious PC gamer but I'm no techie - just a player.

    I had a friend build a new rig for me in the summer with the following specs:
    Intel Mobo (onboard sound)
    P4 3.4gb
    2gb DDR2
    Nvida 7800 (MSI NX7800)
    160gb HD
    2 LG DVD burners / CDRWs
    420w PS
    My OS is XP Pro

    My problems seem to come in certain games resulting in a restart of the machine. Worse still, the restarts happen at the exact same moment. Here are 3 examples:

    In San Andreas, the rig will restart when I enter a house to save the game - every time. In Chronicles of Riddick (which came with the vid card), I get a restart at the very end after firing the last shot into the boss. As he falls down dead - restart every time. I had the same problem early in FEAR (2nd lvl I think) where it restarted at the same point twice in a row, but I made it past the 3rd time. I'm almost at the end now and haven't had another problem...yet.

    Those games may be system hogs, but the problem happens also at a certain point in Neverwinter Nights and its expansions. This game is 3 years old and should not be giving me any issues.

    Random crashes are normal from time to time in PC gaming, but I could never know in advance when it might happen. Worse still, these games all ran fine on my old system with about 1/3 the juice so I find this completely intolerable.

    If it helps, I should mention as well that in addition to the games mentioned above, I've put the rig through its paces with the following other high-performace games with no problems. (all at max settings or very close to it)

    Far Cry
    Splinter Cell Choas Theory
    (all 3 from start to finish)
    Battlefield 2 (albeit with very little time played so far)
    Pacific Fighters

    Changing the settings of the affected games doesn't seem to make any difference. Of course, I have resinstalled / patched, etc.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  2. kenshin23

    kenshin23 TS Rookie

    hmm this is what i have to say to u. Try updating ur mother board driver. That helps cuz some games are stupid with certian specs. Also try updating all ur drivers. Tell me what happns after all this. Good luck.
  3. Falix

    Falix TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Problem fixed.

    It wasn't exactly the mobo driver so much as the on-board sound driver.

    After some creative google searching, I discovered that my problem, though rare, is not unique, but I never found a concrete solution. I noticed on-board sound as a common theme among those with the same issues. I was skeptical that this was my problem since I haven't had a single sound issue with the rig. Still, I uninstalled the Realtek sound drivers and installed the newest version (only 3 weeks old) from Intel's website and it seems to have done the trick for Riddick at least. I finally got to see the end cutscene. NWN seems to be running fine now as well.

    I haven't reinstalled San Andreas yet, but I will when I get home and I'll post the result.
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