Faulty CD Drives

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Hi :wave:

Right, here we go.
I have 2 optical drives D: DVD Rom E: CD/RW both of them don't work. The trays come out.... they go back in... but the PC tells me there is no disc in the drive(s). I've checked drivers etc but everything comes up OK.
Now to the strange stuff. A week ago my PC PSU started rattling then one evening an almighty clatter and my PSU unit got very hot. I yanked the power cord out, gave it a while and on start up everything was OK. Could the PSU fault cause my Optical problems? Help Me !! PPPLLLlleasee help me!! :hotouch:
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sounds like the fan in your PSU may have gone bad and caused it to overheat, this could have led to the problems with the CD drives.
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