faulty SATA drive

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Sep 25, 2007
  1. A while back I bought a 200 GB SATA drive to compliment the 80GB ATA drive I already had. As soon as I plugged it in there were problems. It was a while ago so I can't remember all problems but I eventually got it to the point I could access and install things on it, but it seemed to crash a lot so I just abandoned it. Now I'd like to get it going properly if possible.

    When it "crashes" it makes a loud clicking noise and the whole PC freezes. Sometimes this goes into an unending loop (CLICK, then mouse freezes, then other noises, then mouse is free again) and eventually freezes the PC completely, rendering the PC inoperable and forcing me to press the reset button (I really hate doing that).

    I have tried to format the drive several times, and tried both of the motherboard sata slots, to no avail. Does anyone know what the problem is or might be? If you think it's broken then at least I will know not to rely on it.

    thanks in advance,


    EDIT: SATA/Raid drivers were installed.
  2. mailpup

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    The drive could be bad but regardless, it sounds like you didn't install any SATA/RAID controller drivers. Is this Windows XP? Go to your motherboard's website and download and install the drivers. Also, make sure the SATA controllers are enabled in the BIOS. They usually are by default but it can't hurt to check.
  3. ChrisIVX

    ChrisIVX TS Member Topic Starter

    Indeed I did. I had to reinstall Windows on the original drive. Quite a pain. I should have stated that. It is enabled in the BIOS too. If it wasn't, would I even be able to see and use the drive?
  4. mailpup

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    No. You're right. I didn't pay close enough attention to that part.

    Edit: If it's making the kind of noises you describe, I'd say the drive is defective. Is it past the manufacturer's warranty period?
  5. Firedawg1971

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    Normally I would suggest go to the manufacture and downloading their Disk tool usually a small file that you can boot from off a cd (hirens boot disk makes a great one)

    However since the machine locks and makes that wonder clicking sound.

    RMA the harddrive and save yourself some grief. If not under warranty use as a door stop.
  6. ChrisIVX

    ChrisIVX TS Member Topic Starter

    It was OEM, so not under warranty. Oh well. How does one throw away these things anyway? I hear you're not meant to put it in the bin.
  7. Firedawg1971

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    oem still has a warranty just go directly to the manufactures website

    most drives now have a warranty of 1 to 5 years
  8. ChrisIVX

    ChrisIVX TS Member Topic Starter

    ok, I'll do that. Thanks for the help!
  9. mailpup

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    For electronic waste disposal, check with your local city, town or county to see if they have a waste station to take it to. I realize you are in the UK but here in Los Angeles there are a few such centers for electronic and hazardous waste disposal. In California it is also against the law to dispose of this material in regular trash.
  10. Firedawg1971

    Firedawg1971 TS Rookie Posts: 39

    if you need help with RMA let me know thru this thread and I will help as best I can.
  11. ChrisIVX

    ChrisIVX TS Member Topic Starter

    Thanks. I'll check out the warranty first, but I a few other bits of old junk with lots of wires to get rid of.
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