Favorite Vacation Getaway

By TS | Crazyace
Jul 24, 2002
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  1. Summer is here, and it seems like where all going somewhere....

    My personal favorite vacation getaway happends to be Old Orchard beach in Maine!

    I am a frequent traveler though, so lemme hear about anyone elses, I'm always looking for a good weekend getaway (especially since I fly free :))
  2. SuperCheetah

    SuperCheetah TS Rookie Posts: 709

    Well, being the sheltered redneck hick I am I haven't been able to get around too much in my short life (No I'm not really a redneck, but you get the idea of how life is here in the South). I have been to the Cayman Islands on my senior class trip and really enjoyed myself there. The water was better than Cancun I thought, and they had lots of cool little tours and stuff. I didn't get around to shopping or any of that as I was only there for a day on a cruise.

    My favorite regular vacation getaway has to be the mountains, anywhere in the mountains, as I was born and raised in Southeast Georgia so I don't get to see them too often.

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