FC5 and DRM and Ubisoft Account

Cycloid Torus

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The bad news is that there is DRM - 5 machine activation limit (whatever THAT means). Further bad news is that you have to establish and connect thru an Ubisoft account (like FB do they want our data or WHAT?).

This camper is going to wait for it to make it over to GOG...meanwhile I'm just going over there to rub some sticks together and have a little campfire while I clean my long gun. Yup.

Found in the small type... Analytics Tools and Ad Serving Technology. UBISOFT uses third party analytics tools to collect information concerning Your and other users’ gaming habits and use of the Product. The information collected may contain the following, without limitation: mobile device unique identity or other device identifiers and settings, carrier, operating system, localization information, date and time spent on the Product, game scores, game metrics and statistics, feature usage, advertising conversion rates, monetization rate, purchase history and other similar information. UBISOFT uses third party ad serving technologies that may collect information as a result of ad serving in the Product and that may temporarily display advertisements in the Product. ...... it goes on beyond that....monitoring your age and gender, etc.

"Indemnity" in section 7 is interesting. IANAL, but it seems that by using the product you may be indemnifying Ubisoft for everything and anything.. I hope someone with more knowledge can check that
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