FDA issues preliminary guidelines regarding wearables making health claims

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With the wealth of health and fitness wearables currently flooding the market, the line between a casual wearable and a true medical device could get blurry in a hurry. As such, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have chimed in...

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Several devices that may fall into the latter category were on display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. For example, Engadget sat through a demonstration of a mood-changing wearable from Thync that uses neurosignaling to shift your mood
Really, a mind control wearable...:mad: We truly have begun the descent into madness.

I'd almost be willing to bet Apple buys this startup, and works this tech into the iPhone.

"You are getting sleepy, sleepy, (said the iPhone to its yuppie), when I transmit a dial tone, you will awake feeling very alive and refreshed, and then you will rush out and buy the next iPhone, no matter how long you have to wait in line for it! :eek:

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Make one that gives you a heavy buzz when you fall asleep. Heavier people in America with sleep apnea will buy it like hotcakes. Once insurance companies get in on these they will be mandatory for anyone with a illness.


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Manufacturers are trying to ram these wearable devices down our throats and while some people will find them genuinely handy, others will buy them just for the sake of having them and others will convince themselves they are a necessity. To me they are nothing but a complete waste of time & money, they've got a helluva lot more work to do to try convince me.
On the other hand Apple should manage to flog their wearables to the iSpecies without too much trouble (anyone notice a pun?), they're a gullible lot.
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