Feeling the Pressure

By Firehelmet
May 23, 2008
  1. Greetings......I finely logged onto TechSpot forum just to make a wise-guy comment after learning Mr Bill Gates & Co. was trying to buy customers for Microsoft's search engine idea.
    Not wanting to be thought a foolish forum first time user, I noticed Mr Daveskater had advice indicating it would be in good forum form to list the particular parts and pieces that make up my PC.
    All well and good for I am familiar with this information. But.....hold the phone he says by clicking_"Here"_I can download a program that will help with this......That was last night sometime ? The program..."EVEREST"... Ultimate Edition. Now not only do I know that in my next computer I defiantly want a Prescott, Nocona, Irwindale, or Potomac based processor that will have more internal resources than the Nortwood, Gallatin, and prestonia NetBurst architecture processors that I now have. ( the Nortwood that is ) But the program has genarated....I kid you not...one hundred and thirty two pages of pertinent information, specifications, benchmarks, and for those few that walk among us that are truly...truly... in the science "Groove" page after page of computer things & stuff.
    All about my little kick **** Toshiba Satellite A105 ( loaded...tip top of the line...at the time 2006 ) What a night ! can't wait to run the two towers I put together.
    So that said and done once again I log on and what do I see...a message from Mr SNGX1275 inviting me to view the most perfectly submitted post ever glimpsed in the free world ......Go Figure ! I don't do pressure well and I need Sleep.
    Your Amigo
    Anthony Feuerhelm
    feuer = fire / helm = helmet
    ( thanks to my Irish parents )
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