File recovery after re-partitioning

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Jun 14, 2005
  1. I have managed to lose a number of irreplacable digital pictures while I was reformatting. Aside from some being family things, a number of the pictures are being used to track the growth/recession of cancer on a horse. I have to get these pictures back. However, the recovery program I am using (Restoration Version 3) is unable to find any trace of them. I know that I have reformatted and repartitioned my harddrive, which is how I lost them, and that this is why my program can't find them. However, as I mentioned earlier, I need to get these back.

    Does anyone know of a program that could help me? Or even a manual procedure I could follow, doesn't really matter to me. Thanks!
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    Unfortunately sometimes after data has been lost, one way to get it back is to send it to a professional data recovery company. I have not personally used any recovery software, but others might have had much better luck. Be patient and wait for others to post back

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    Thanks for the welcome; I certainly hope someone here can help me, I need to get those pictures back ASAP...
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    You could also try photorecovery pro from ::
    I have used it to recover tiff files with very good results when my usual data recovery software found nothing !
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